New Appointment - Brooke Murray

Posted 16.07.2014

The last few months have been incredibly hectic, with several new staff members joining the team. We are very pleased to announce (although belatedly) our new Studio Manager Brooke Murray. Brooke has over 15 years experience managing both large and small creative teams, and her can do attitude and belief that anything is possible has inspired and motivated the team since she joined us a couple of months ago. Spending her time managing all studio related matters including resource scheduling, studio procedures and policies and QA systems her role is vast and varied. Brooke is motivated to drive and assist the studio to meet and exceed design excellence objectives, whilst maintaining exceptional client relationships and project budgets.

CX Branding & Website

Posted 15.05.2014

Buro North have been working with the Clothing Exchange for several years now, and was recently engaged to create a new identity, digital strategy and user experience for their new digital incarnation, with the aim to make swapping more accessible and expand the environmental and economic benefits of clothes swapping to an international audience.

Through a symbolic, fun and approachable style, the new brand moves away from the previous antiquated patterns and crafty look-and-feel to a more contemporary identity. The brand creates a strong visual connection to the process of exchange, working to attract a larger audience of users through its bold graphic identity and non gender specific colour scheme. Key brand elements take form in graphic applications expressed through both the web and app environments, creating a memorable and integrated identity.

The UX design for the website and app focused on creating a simple and personalised experience for swappers. Products are the key focus of the interface, creating a highly visual and dynamic display. The interface of the Swap Shop has been designed to take on the appearance of a wardrobe, offering swappers the ability to slide through items like they would their own wardrobe or shop. The UX takes a user-centered approach, providing opportunities for social networking so swappers can connect, share and interact in an engaging and exciting way.

Positions Available at Buro North

Posted 09.05.2014


We are seeking a highly motivated individual to help Büro North in the delivery of wayfinding solutions for complex environments. We welcome individuals with a Planning, Landscape or Architectural background with a minimum of 3 years experience in a consulting environment.


Working closely with Australia’s leading Architectural, Landscape and Development teams you will contribute to the development of evidence-based wayfinding systems for some of the most complex and interesting environments in Australia and abroad. 


The successful candidate will posses an ability to;
– formulate engaging, compelling strategy independently and within a team context.
– articulate complex ideas simply through both written prose and verbal presentations.
– develop written content that has strong narrative in a concise and accurate manner.
– independently conduct structured stakeholder consultation sessions.
– conduct research and information gathering to produce quality data.
– think laterally on the fly in workshop scenarios to develop efficient outcomes.

Above all, we are seeking an optimistic, engaging individual who is passionate about strategy, design and ideas to fit into a highly creative studio.

The successful applicant will have the opportunity to create a rewarding career path with Büro North, collaborating on projects with the nations best Architectural, Landscape and Development teams. A salary and package commensurate with experience will be offered.

Please send your resume, portfolio and a brief overview of why this role is suitable to ‘’ all emails should be under 5mb.



We are seeking a highly motivated individual to help Büro North with project delivery and project administration. We welcome individuals with a Planning, Landscape, Interiors or Architectural background with a minimum of 8+ years experience in a consulting environment.

Working closely with our Directors and Studio Manager you will assist in the delivery of projects from inception to completion to ensure they meet the defined creative, strategic and financial goals of the client and Büro North.

The successful candidate will posses an ability to;
– identify and manage project budgets, deliverables, programs and resources under the direction of the Senior Design Manager.
– manage meetings minutes, workshop outcomes and project correspondence efficiently.
– understand project document control in accordance with QA standards.
– have articulate communications skills, both written and verbal.
– liaise with clients, contractors and design team members.

Above all, we are seeking an optimistic, engaging individual who is passionate about project management, design and ideas to fit into a highly creative studio.

The successful applicant will have the opportunity to create a rewarding career path with Büro North, collaborating on projects with the nations best Architectural, Landscape and Development teams. A salary and package commensurate with experience will be offered.

Please send your resume, portfolio and a brief overview of why this role is suitable to ‘’ all emails should be under 5mb.

The Pancake Parlour Website

Posted 19.02.2014

We recently re-launched the website for our long time client The Pancake Parlour in collaboration with the talented development team at Efront. The Pancake Parlour required a new and refreshed digital strategy with a strong focus on marketing social media content and creating a connection between their in-store and online experiences.

In response we created a website which has truly brought The Pancake Parlours static identity to life, through the development of parallax animations in conjunction with real time social media updates. The website has created a customer driven interface, through the ability to interact and add content of their unique Pancake Parlour experiences.

Monash University Wayfinding

Posted 09.01.2014

Büro North have been working closely with Monash University over the last 18 months to develop a wayfinding system that supports their new master plan. The wayfinding system actively promotes higher quality pedestrian environments by connecting the campus to its urban realm, modifying internal circulation patterns and introducing intuitive building numbering.

Utilizing the university motto of ‘Ancora Imparo' or ‘I am still learning’ along with key values of Growth, Development and Progress, our design solution leverages the upturned triangle from the university crest to morph, develop, progress and bind larger and stronger forms. Using the triangle as the key design driver also allows us to develop a completely modular and scale-able solution to roll out over the coming 24 months.

Our solution points the way forward for Monash University as it undergoes a new direction and significant cultural change.

Mildura Riverfront

Posted 12.12.2013

Buro North are very excited to have recently been engaged to work on the wayfinding strategy and signage design for the exciting new riverfront development in Mildura.

We will be working together with Lateral Projects and the design team to help redefine the riverfront image and create a vibrant and engaging recreational hub for both the local community and visitors. The site will celebrate the stories of Mildura and provide an important interface with both historical and living Indigenous cultures, creating a new sense of place and meaningful social change through design. We are absolutely thrilled to have been selected for this incredible project and look forward to being a part of the exciting development and transformation of Mildura.

Optimising Health Environments Forum

Posted 09.12.2013

Last week Finn had the opportunity to speak at the Optimising Health Environments Forum held at The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.

Finn was among nine individuals from the fields of research and design, from as far afield as Adelaide, Melbourne, Newcastle, Finland and Sweden, who were invited to speak at the inaugural event. A broad range of subjects were discussed, but all focused on work relating to the understanding of environmental enrichment and healing environments.

The forum provided an opportunity for leaders in a range of related fields to engage in a free flowing discourse in subjects ranging from ‘Environmental enrichment and experience-dependent plasticity in mouse models of brain disorders’ (Anthony Hannan The Florey Institute of Neuroscience) and ‘Mental Health and 'Music as an enriching activity’ (Teppo Särkämö, University of Helsinki & Finnish Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Music Research).

For his part, Finn presented Büro North’s experiences in developing ‘Audit methodologies to measure navigational behavior in healthcare environments’, using the testing undertaken for the Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne) during Operational Readiness in 2011 as a case study. The testing involved 40 test subjects and provided both qualitative and quantitative data relating to the enhanced user experience within the new Royal Children’s Hospital.

Many thanks to Julie Bernhardt and The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health for the invitation and putting on a great event.

Sign Design Society Award

Posted 09.12.2013

We are very happy to have recently received a commendation in the International Sign Design Society Awards 2013 held in London.

The Wayfinding in Public Spaces Award, for our contribution on The Royal Children’s Hospital design solution, was presented for recognition of the way in which different formats, shapes and environmental graphics were used to ensure constant interest for users and a highly successful outcome.

The Awards celebrate the best work undertaken across a range of signage disciplines, ranging from city wayfinding strategies and office environments to airports and shopping centres. The competition aims to increase the awareness of the industry and demonstrate the importance and relevance of design within the built environment.

We are honoured to have received this internationally-recognized Award in the company of such a large array of inspiring and exciting projects from around the world.

Melbourne Design Award Winners

Posted 25.10.2013

“Tomorrow is the result of yesterday’s courage. That is why we celebrate courage.” Mark Bergin, Creative Director, Melbourne Design Awards

The conversation and drinks flowed freely as the design industry celebrated the 2013 Melbourne Design Awards on Wednesday evening. Held at one of Melbourne’s newest rooftop venues, Aer Bar, the night aimed to recognise the courage, creativity and diversity of the work by design professionals and commissioners over the past twelve months.

Buro North are very pleased to be the recipients of the 2013 Wayfinding Award, for the RMIT Swanston Academic Building project. The award celebrates creative and innovative design in the ways people orient themselves in a physical space, and navigate from place to place.

Buro North worked closely with Lyons Architects to create a world class solution for the signage and wayfinding for the RMIT Swanston Academic Building in Melbourne’s CBD. The design provides an effective, organic and functional system to guide people around the unique spaces within the building. For further details about the project click here..

Melbourne Central installation

Posted 24.10.2013

The Melbourne Central shopping complex is one of the city’s major hubs and Buro North has been working closely with GPT Group to develop a new Wayfinding strategy for the centre, transforming it from an inwards-focussed precinct strategy to one that focusses on the site as a major city thoroughfare. The key has been to connect Melbourne Central to its surrounding landmarks – universities, public transport, public destinations – and create a strong integration with the CBD network.

By looking closely at how users treat the space, the strategy has been developed to address the user’s needs more accurately by promoting ease of movement, connectivity to retail spaces, increased retail activity and circulation through the centre.

The design solution has been created to be responsive and sympathetic to its context, with materials drawn from the architectural fabric. The aesthetics of the signage have been considered so that they comfortably exist within, and apart from the retail context. The first few signage pieces have been installed and are looking remarkable.